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Welcome to MinStar Transport's web portal. This is a valuable tool offered to drivers and customers for gathering important information and updates.

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Questions about the portal? Email Carena Kelz at ( or call her at 651-361-8394.

Thank you for your interest in MinStar Transport. Have a great day!

MinStar Transport has some exciting technology upgrades to share with our drivers.

First, we are beginning to implement the Workflow product on all Qualcomm units. This great product allows you to do away with the old macros, it utilizes auto-arrive and auto-depart features, and provides easy-to-follow task lists for each stop.

Another great upgrade is the rollout to PC Miler version 27 for all routing and mileage calculations. This upgrade was necessary because the previous version is no longer supported. Although you may experience some changes in route miles, this will be a more accurate, up-to-date mileage product that reflects weight restriction changes, new highway construction, and implementing more truck-friendly routes.

Also, in the near future, the Navigation used on the Qualcomm units will be upgraded to CoPilot, from the makers of PC Miler 27. Doing so allows us to provide you with a new product for your Qualcomm for navigation that is more user friendly, more accurate, and will match the routing generated by our dispatch system.

These new products can be installed on your Qualcomm the next time you are in Eagan. See the MinStar Operations staff for any questions regarding these exciting technology changes.